Why foreigner.de?

Foreigners. Are they special? No. Their situation is. They have left their native country voluntarily, or have been forced to do so. They have found a resting point, where they work and live creatively. They suffer from the stress of misunderstandings and loneliness. They feel at home where their friends are. They cannot find a place for themselves. In their dream country they feel strange, just as much as they did in their own country. They have one thing in common: they inhabit an environment unknown to them. They can't count on anyone. They owe success or failure only to themselves. foreigner.de introduces these people and offers the opportunity of exchanging experiences and creating a virtual dialogue.

What are our goals?

1. Raise an interest in foreign countries, cultures, religions
2. Spreading unbiased views of other peoples
3. Present successful artists, who live and work abroad
4. Promote underrepresented art and culture

How do we approach this?

1. By organizing a virtual space for multinational meetings with the main emphasis on culture and fine arts
2. Presenting people from different cultures, their mentalities and attitudes
3. Creating contact, opportunities for members of various nations
4. Presenting alternative approaches towards nutrition and healing methods.
5. Helping with the organization of trips abroad
6. Helping with exchange of language instruction