read by the tellers
as they tell dreams
of widowed concrete, wall
cavities, heavy
with odds and ends,
leftover love,
Labyrinths of the South Bronx:
children dug trenches put
stumps into the ground them
-selves tinted fears
the color of grass
molding the way out
on our own cracks

a chunk of a raw stone
sound cut in silence pitch dark
winter midnight past
no stars

covered with snow
to the line of my eyelids
like when they buried me
a child in the hot yellow
sand of dunes

where is the edge
of my body? / the energy
of a hot liquid
coffee a blissful
of black eagles moving

against the blood SUM ATRA I am
an island in love
with the night stars
setting jazz in the sky

sleep my body like a tabby cat
with its back pressed
onto a hot asphalt last july

we watched
stars feeding on human flesh,
at home
in flight -

all seen in the white dispersed
lost, sleep sleep my mind

until the hands
and spreading
milky shadows make music
of stones
fallen onto the earth, it is not pleasant
the real, buried under a slack mountain
in Pennsylvania, coming through
the thick pain like a bud
of a perce-neige
in march, shaking,
moved by a draft of small coins outside
the Covered Market where I grew
- hands collecting, hands
golden black leeches
jarred inside memory

hold onto
the hands that reign over the sun
and the moon

I have no story to tell
as I drive down the river road every
day, besides that I feel how day
in my day of life
from a leaky sky, or that I can hear
rain, of angels
refracted, fast traveling
in splashes that leap
between each collision
of the yellow dust
& the air over the front shields, leaves
wine and coppers, leaves,
then a pause for a clear
cup of the sky, leaves & water
tear chords at the fabric
of the glass,

try again:
- “a leaf shadows”
children blame it
on grown up economy
curtain of silence
hopping from tree to tree as if
you haven’t seen it all before, the labyrinths
of the South Bronx
Angelo, Aimé, darkmouthed all
kissed back dark

(Peace Walk Labyrinth Project was launched in 1999 as a part of the
revitalization effort to increase greenery and provide open space for the
South Bronx Borough. The community, especially children were
involved as much as possible in planting trees,
fruit and cedar. – www. )